Friday, July 01, 2005

itunes, utunes, everybody tunes tunes

Normally, buying too much music from itunes isn’t a problem for me, since Mom and Dad have dialup at home. Here, I have access to cable 24/7. There, the download time is ½ an hour per song; here, it’s less than ten seconds. Do you see the problem? I do, and so do the 12 new songs sitting in my itunes library. I had to get a few new Russell Watson songs, though, and I needed a some good love songs (“Here with Me” from Dido, “Just Perfect” from Tracy Bonham, “All by Myself,” by Jamie O’Neal [because whenever I hear it, I think about Bridget Jones thinking she‘ll be alone forever and fat and eaten by a pack of dogs, cute], “Ain’t no Sunshine” from Bill Withers, “You’ve Got a Way With Me” by Shania Twain, and “Follow you Down” by the Gin Blossoms) …and I got “Glasgow Love Theme” from “Love Actually,” because I love piano music like that.

I made three cards today: two generic, and one get-well-soon, which is for Sar, since she’s sick again. :(

My car broke down Wednesday morning, leaving me stranded in a suburb ½ an hour south of the apartment. I phoned my aunt, and she came to rescue me and take me back up to my A&G's apartment. Since Wednesday morning, then, I've been driving Gus's Saturn, and I love it. It feels so speedy, since it's not big and bulky like the Buick I usually drive. PLUS, it has a CD player, and the "Amélie" soundtrack has been playing for me every time I'm in the car. I love it, love driving around in the morning and evening, when the air is a little chilly, windows down enough to get a bit of a breeze, and my favourite Amélie songs the accompaniment to the city driving, as I weave my way in and out of traffic, darting between semis and passing on the sidewalks. No, I'm kidding about the semis.


Anonymous said...

I love new music. I haven't downloaded any in about a year or so... But that's OK. It saves me from being yelled at by my friends who freak out about downloading music.
So my next CD that I desperately want is a Todd Agnew cd. That would be good.


djm said...

I average maaaybe one cd a year, and then the grand total of 12 itunes songs that I now have (and with itunes you have to pay, Jenni, so it's safe and not a Moral Issue).