Monday, July 18, 2005

Caller I-Who?

During this last semester, my parents finally caved and got Caller-ID and two new Caller-ID phones. In order for you to properly understand this, I have to explain something. For years, my parents have screened their calls through the answering machine -- the phone rings four times, the answering machine picks up, and they either a) have the volume up loud enough so the message-leaver can be heard throughout the house or b) someone runs to the room where the answering machine lives, in case the message-leaver is a reputable human with whom we've had prior contact.

When the new Caller-ID phone rings now, either a) Dad goes to the phone, takes it off the stand, holds it at arm's length and squints at the green display, then hangs it up, unable to read the name/number or b) Mom thinks she can't get to the phone in time and lets the answering machine get it.

This Caller-ID thing. It's SO working.


Anonymous said...

heh, we have the talking caller-id/call-waiting. It talks in a computerized voice.


Anonymous said...

That's geeky, Court.\


Anonymous said...

Sarah H -
We could use one - my parents have callerID and they don't bother to run. They do the ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, answering message, scramble to pick up thing. I laughed so hard reading yours cuz they sound like my parents!
It bugs me to no end, because I always grab the phone before the third ring at work - listening to that phone ring makes me want to shout, "Pick it up! How bad could it be! Facing telemarketers with courage develops character!"

Heeds said...

that's so wierd. we always pick up the phone right away. and we dont have caller id. i have it on my cell phone though, very handy :)


Anonymous said...

we have caller id and one of those answering machines where you have to call to get your messages..doesn't really work around here cause no one uses either of them or likes to answer the phone lol.