Tuesday, July 26, 2005

*happy geeky dance*

Last night I won a Rave MP Sport MP3 Player on ebay. It was funny because it was my first ebay purchase; I'd set up ebay and paypal accounts a few days ago in order to sell things, but I hadn't used them yet. I found the mp3 player when there were 16 minutes left on the auction, and when I decided to get it, there were 10 left -- but suddenly, I realized I should double-check my paypal account to make sure everything was in working order. A message came up that said I hadn't entered my bank, rounting number, or checking account number. I ran around the house gathering the information, entered it, then ran around some more and entered my credit (debit) card number, JUST IN TIME to get the player! I'm so excited. I "Successfully purchased" it. I am a Successful Purchaser. I Purchase Successfully, yes I do.

I was interested in mp3 players to use when I exercise, because I like to have something to listen to, something more than just the music playing in my head, the beat to which I tap my teeth together (and my discman is bulky and skips if it's jostled at all). The Rave isn't like my niece's Creative Zen micro, which can store thousands of songs, but I don't need one like that. This plays up to 8 hours of music, and that's good enough for me -- I don't think there'll be a time when I'll be exercising (ha ha!) or driving long enough to need more than 8 hours of music...or if I am, I can just listen to each song twice. BIG DEAL.

The specifications, for those who might be interested:

General Features:

  • Burgundy profile
  • 256MB Built-in Memory (Up to 8 Hours of Music)
  • Play Music from most online MP3 and WMA Services
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 for Ultra-fast Music Transfers
  • Quick and Easy - Drag and Drop Music to and from PC
  • SD/MMC Memory Expansion Slot for Additional Storage (up
    to 512MB)
  • Plays 16+ Hours on 1 AAA Battery (Included)
  • FM Tuner with 20 Presets
  • Records Voice, Live Sound & FM Radio

  • Operating Systems Supported:
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Mac OSX

  • Plain Package Includes:
  • Rave MP Sport 256 MB MP3 Player
  • Sport Ear Buds
  • Armband
  • USB cable
  • One (1) AAA battery
  • Drivers CD
  • Beltclip

  • (I usually choose an even number for the minute I publish, but I had to click 12:15 instead of 12:16, because the Magna Charta was signed in 1215 at Runnymede, England. When I pump gasoline, I aim for a number that has Great Historical Significance, too. Yes, I'm a nerd like that.)

    (Oh, and in exactly two months and two minutes, I'll be 21. Hurrah!)


    JC said...

    How much did it go for? I'm thinking that direction 'cause my personal CD player is on the fritz.

    Anonymous said...

    wow... I am floored by your significant number choosing habit. It approaches incomprehensibility.

    This post time has no historical significance related to it; with the exception of the unimpeded statistical chance of any time matching up with a date of any historical significance.


    PKD said...

    Larry Prosehorse has a dog named Symbiote. A symb is a is a genetically engineered utterly dependent lifeform. In its infant state, it lacks anything resembilng a brain or nervous system - all an infant symb can to is slowly metabolize sunlight.

    Symbiote the Dog, however, eats bugs and spits acid.

    kate said...

    I am mighty impressed that not only did you win the first thing you wanted on ebay (watch out, it gets addicting!), but in how you select the times you post. Heh.

    Oh, in 12 days, I'll be 21. I have you beat! ;-)

    dänika said...

    JC, I got it for $35.99 (+s&h).

    C, in 349 B.C. Philip II (of Macedon; Alexander the Great's father) began the siege of Olynthus. In 349 A.D. the Olympic Games were cancelled.

    Keith, hi. Symbiote the Dog makes other symbs look poor in comparison -- like the Super Employee who makes everyone else look sloppy and irresponsible.

    Heheh, Kate, I'm finding out about the addictive nature of eBay -- last night I had to close the browser so I wouldn't keep looking for stuff that I don't need anyway. :P 12! That's coming up so fast!

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, you already got your first positive feedback too! Thus begins the addiction. :-)
    Good thing you have a rich, handsome brother-in-law to bail you out. :-D

    dänika said...

    Woo! I am a "valued customer" and "highly recommended"! How exciting!!

    Haha, Gus. I'll call you when I go bankrupt. ;P

    Di said...

    Ebay is oh so addictive yes..it was even worse at school cause we had time to just browse and so my roomie and I were browsing for timeshares of all things..it was quite fun and no we didn't bid on them:D