Monday, July 18, 2005

Star Wars: Episode GREAT

**Normally, I'd be reticent about sharing so many details of One Of THE Movies, in case I spoil it for someone else, but since I didn't see it until nearly two months after it opened, I figure those who care enough to care about spoilers, should have seen it by now anyway.

Saturday night I saw Star Wars: Episode III. It was horrific, disturbing, and violent…and I loved it. It is my favourite Star Wars movie by far (but I do love me some Han Solo), and for the first time, I’ve realized why Hayden Christiansen was chosen to portray Anakin Skywalker. I couldn’t stand Episode II, the cheesy love lines and brattiness, the inherent stupidity (MS Works just informed me that “stupidness” isn’t a word). But now -- NOW I understand. It thrilled me to no end to see the evil glitter in his eyes, the cold and calculating character taking the place of the insipid little boy.

I knew what had to happen in this movie -- exactly what was going to happen, thanks to my Star Wars Fanatic professor who had clued me in on this years ago -- so I was not as shocked or horrified as I would’ve been otherwise. But even though I knew, my skin still went cold and I had to turn away as Anakin helped seal Mace Windoo’s -- and his own -- fate. And it was disturbing and very believable, as the Sith Lord lured Anakin to the Dark Side by preying on Anakin's love for Padme.

This movie had a complexity not found in the others, and it was more an epic war film than anything else; even the musical score was huge and haunting, as fitting for the massacre of Jedi, yet it could seamlessly double as a background for sputtering black and white film playing out images of the World War II Holocaust.


kate said...

I've yet to watch any of the Star Wars movies.

nika said...

The friend I went with hadn't seen any of the movies either, something I totally forgot until we were waiting to be let into theatre #7. :P

nika said...

(he didn't mention it until after we'd bought tickets and popcorn and soda, when he asked me if "Darth Vader is the one in the mask?")

Anonymous said...

Heh, I only got around to seeing it a few years ago. But pop culture is such that I had a pretty good idea of the general storyline long before.