Sunday, July 03, 2005

Baseball is C-O-O-L!

The Twins won!!!!!! And I was all up on my feet shouting and clapping and cheering and everything, because after a few innings, I had figured out (with help from my baseball-savvy cousin) how things went, and didn't have to be told what had just happened all the time, just every once in a while. And tickets were only $6! And we had a super view of THE WHOLE FIELD, and it is so much easier to follow what's going on when you can see everything at once! And we saw all of Shannon Stewart's cool catches (we were right above him), and he rocked my socks off. I loved everything, and I can't wait to go back!!

*Yes, Jenni. This confirms my entry into the Sporting World, but at least at real games, you get the workout of jumping up and cheering and being all up in your face nervous and walking around the stadium (in order to get to the concessions, but still).


Anonymous said...

*sigh* Another loser.

hehehe... Glad you had fun. :-)


nika said...


I even watched baseball after we got back home. I FEEL A BASEBALL PHASE COMING ON.... oh dear, I'm one of Those People.

Di said...

Hahahaha...she's one of us now!!! Fabulous:) I'm so glad you enjoyed the be honest though, I hated watching baseball on tv until I stayed at my cousin's apartment one time and she was watching baseball and from then on, I could watch anytime. Tennis is always good too:)