Thursday, June 30, 2005

Organic, etc.

I am loving living in the city. In the metro area, there's at least a million people, and I love everything about living in a densely populated area (except for people getting hit by cars). I love being with my extended family, these wonderful people I only see once a year, I love sitting in "my" bedroom and chatting with one of my favourite cousins on AIM -- the cousin who is in the next room on his computer, the one who plays guitar like a genius and calms my soul with "Frail" whenever I ask him to.

I love people-watching. I went to my sister's Thesis Support Group with her, at a coffeehouse downtown; I took a book along, but during the near-hour we were there, I only read 21 pages (normally, I'd've been 80+ pages into it by then), because I was too busy watching people, wondering who they are, and trying to guess where they're going, if they're really in love with the person they're with, what they're thinking.

I was introduced to the Whole Foods Market the day before yesterday, and I cannot wait until I permanently live closer than 2 hours from it. I went back yesterday, just to take in all the beautifully arranged organic produce, to smell the area with fresh cheeses, to look at all the organic body care products (and to sample a greek olive from the olive bar, of course).

In this area of the city, there are so many brick houses, and I love feasting my eyes on them, especially the ones with trees surrounding them, branches draping themselves over the roof. The house in the dreams of my heart is old red brick, with sage-green trim or shutters, one story with an attic, and trees in the front yard as well as the back. The driveway is stone, and there's a hardwood floor and a fireplace in the living room, and the bedroom is painted this blue, with sheer white curtains. But the best thing in that house by far is someone, someone who loves me, someone with dark hair and dark eyes, someone with a sense of direction, a purpose, someone who is calm and steady, gentle, and patient with me when I get upset. Someone who loves going to church as much as I do. Someone who will sleep in with me some summery Saturday mornings, when the soft wind makes the curtains billow gently, and breathes over our skin like a wish passing by; someone who wears the wide gold band that matches the one on my hand. This has so long been a dream, the wish of my heart, and I pray it won't be too much longer before it is no longer a dream, but sweet, sweet reality.


Heeds said...

Oh I like whole foods. dats pretty big around here in the Pacific NW. That was beautifully written by the way, about your observations in the city and your dream house. It painted such a pretty picture for me. Except I was in the house with the man of my dreams. Sorry about that. You can have your house back now. hehe.


Anonymous said...

PCC is better than Whole Foods... it's a non-profit co-op.

*snicker @ Heidi*
Get out of Nika's house!


kate said...

Aaah...Whole Foods....brings back fond memories of the Big Apple. Of course, the Whole Foods we went to was in the Time Warner Cable building. So you first have to pass the set of Friends in the lobby to get into the grocery store. Only in NYC...

nika said...

hehe, heeds, I could always conjure up a guest room, so you and The Man of Your Dreams can have a place to stay when you come visit. ;)

Good watchdog, Courtney, good boy! hehe.

Neat, Kate! Fun, fun...I can't wait to go to NYC sometime (you have to be there at the same time, though, you see :D ).

Anonymous said...

I don't know his whole Whole Foods thing... We had Joes Produce! Does that count?