Thursday, July 14, 2005

What a Volunteering Volunteer!

I need to get OUT. OF. HERE.

For that reason -- and the fact that I haven't volunteered on my own accord for anything before (I have been volunteered scads of times; plus, I like animals) -- I am now A Volunteer at the local humane society. It's a shelter that has a no-kill policy (otherwise it would be an inhumane shelter), and when I got there Tuesday morning, there were 50 kittens; by the time I left that afternoon, there were 56.

When I entered the animal shelter that morning, I had visions of being a Great Volunteer, walking the dogs and socializing the cats, sweeping and feeding and brushing, bonding with the fluffy kittens and the sweet new puppy.

When I left at 1, I had spent the past few hours scrubbing out litterboxes, scraping dried and smeary cat poop off the bottom and corners, and washing them in a huge tub full of greenish-brown, littery water.

Tune in next week for another installment in the glamorous life of a Volunteer!


Anonymous said...

Heh, now that's the real world.

But what's so inhumane about killing an animal? It's not inhumane in itself... though it can be made inhumane.

Hah, anyways even PETA kills animals.

It's really not possible to take long term care of large numbers of animals that do not provide any sort of saleable products (at least in this country, heh). Eventually you will run out of money... but there's no end to the animals, of course.


kate said...

Court, if you want a laugh check this out: PETA has renewed efforts to get the town Fishkill, NY, to change it's name. (despite admitting the name means "Fish" and "creek")

Anyhow....unrelated, miss volunteer -- yesterday I was attempting to find your blog and I typed in psalm 67....57....27....hehe....there are lots of biblical blogs out there! ;-)

nika said...

Well, Courtney, the animal shelter board just had a meeting and they're keeping it a no-kill shelter. Sure, there are lots of animals, but there are a ton of adoptions, too. It works out. Even people from Minnesota have come over and gotten animals.

hehe, face, you poor thing. ;) did you stay and read any of them?

Anonymous said...

Oh nika, welcome to my life... :)

Anonymous said...

er, that was sar h

Cassie said...

People poo I can do, but when I read "dried and smeary," I swear that I gagged big time.

You're braver than I would ever venture to be, Nika.

nika said...

That's funny, Cassie, because as I was standing there, scrubbing, I thought to myself, "Those Nursing People are so brave. I could never do this if it was human poop."

Anonymous said...

how about no poop: volunteer at the library. that's where i went when i didn't have work or school. i can't even change the cat litter on my OWN cat without gagging.

nika said...

I'm planning to stop in at the public library in my college town to apply for a book-stacker position for this fall. :)

I hate changing cat litter, too. (But I did it when I catsat! I really did!)

Anonymous said...

No poop on the fire department either... ;-) Unless there's like a big explosion or something. ;-D