Wednesday, July 06, 2005

hernia II

Hernia. Hernia! HERNIA!!

I can't stop saying "hernia!" I haven't had reason to use it in the past, so it's a brand-new word in my vocabulary, and I've been working it into conversation every time it's suitable, and lots of times when it's not. I'm spreading the joy - Hernia! Try saying it; it's the perfect blend of consonants and vowels -- it just off your tongue. Play with it -- roll those "r's," try it out in different accents! Say it in the bath, when you're sweeping, when you're feeding the cats. It's applicable in all sorts of situations.

Got something wrong with you? It's probably a hernia! That lump on your ankle? Hernia. That scrape on your elbow? HERNIA!

Can't sleep? Try counting herniae, for a change!

Goodnight, hernia-land!

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Di said...

I think we need to get you off the sugar dear..