Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ye have been warned:

...or suffer the consequences.

Tangentially related, I have no outdoor plants, but I have two here in our dorm room; Florence, an ivy I bought from Target, and Freddie, a spiky/grassy/palm frond-ish plant I got for FREE.

Florence thrived for a while under the wonderful sunning and watering I lavished on her, but now she's dying. 3/4 of her leaves are all shriveled up, and even the main stalk that was flourishing, is exceedingly limp. This makes me very sad, because I thought I was doing all the right things -- and now, this.

Apparently this has had a negative effect on Freddie as well; he's looking rather yellowish and droopy, too.

WHAT IS WRONG?! I'm putting Freddie up for adoption today (open adoption; I want to be able to visit his in his new home, see if they're killing him, too). I know he can have a better life somewhere else; but I'm still confused and hurt.

MARY, did you have something to do with this?


Anonymous said...

Obviously you need to be playing music for your plants... I would recommend punk/hard rock. But there are some who say that classical is best. (And then there are some who don't care a whit about music for plants).


djm said...

For your information, Courtney, punk/hard rock would make any of MY plants wither right up and die a painful death. Oh, wait, no, that's what it'd do to ME. heh.

I've played music! Lots of classical and some other stuff, like Liz Phair's "Nashville." :P

Anonymous said...

>>>I've played music! Lots of classical and some other stuff, like Liz Phair's "Nashville." :P<<

*drily* Well maybe that's why they're dying. You could have punk rock plants.

Yes. You, a classical person, could have accidentally wound up with punk rock plants. No wonder they're dying. The vibrations are all wrong! My advice is to return them to the store for an exchange. Be sure to tell them you're returning the plants because you've discovered that they're incompatible with you, for the reason that they're punk rock plants. Be sure you ask, repeatedly, for 'classical' plants in exchange.


djm said...

That made me giggle. I can totally see it, those poor Target employees, paging for help in dealing with the insane student who's asking for "classical plants" in aisle 6. heheh.

djm said...

Oh and - I found a keeper for the plant (the plant that's mostly alive). I'll be handing him over in the next few days.