Thursday, September 15, 2005

Social (not Dirty) Dancing

I'm in a Social Dance class that meets one night a week. Last Wednesday night we met for the first time, and out of the 20 guys, I ended up with one who had no rhythm whatsoever, and didn't even TRY to dance the way we were supposed to.

But L.* joined the class yesterday (he really wanted to, and I really wanted him to), and, MAN, it was so much fun to dance with him. It was wonderful. There were times when we would almost get the moves, and a few magical times when everything worked perfectly -- our feet took the little steps they were supposed to, our turns were exquisite, and the teamwork was a thing of beauty. The little old lady who helps teach the class came over to us a few times and complimented us, "You two look so good!" Rock on!

* He was in one of my classes when the semester started, and then, after we started talking, joined two more. And I'm very happy. There are a few days when all my classes are with him, and it's a great way to start the day, to get to see one of my favourite people.


Jen said...

THere is a social dance club at my school. But it meets twice a week, in the evenings, on days that I don't ave classes. And even if I did have classes on those days, I wouldn't want to stay at school ALL DAY doing nothing just to go to a class.
A shame, really.

djm said...

Aww! That's too bad. I totally love this class.

Next up: the Fox-trot.

We're also going to learn the Cha-cha, the Rumba, the Samba, the Merengue, polka, waltz, etc., etc., etc.! I've always wanted to learn to tango. Mwah!