Sunday, September 18, 2005

Concentration (or lack thereof)

I'm finding it horribly difficult to concentrate tonight. Perhaps it's because my brain hasn't quite made the switch from the Summer Mode to the School Mode, but I find it nearly impossible to focus my concentration on my textbooks.

Or maybe it has a bit to do with the weather. My window is to my left, and the wind is blowing gustily tonight at a beautifully crisp 61 degrees; not too cold, but chilly enough to slightly numb my fingers. I can't -- won't -- close the window, for I love the breeze whistling like shrill voices through the metal screen, the smell of the outdoors, the sound of traffic and occasional voices, the caress of the wind on my body. I love waking up when it's absolutely freezing in the room, yet I'm cozy, curled up inside my cocoon of quilts.

Tonight the full moon is golden, rising in the sky behind a bank of small silver clouds, and the eerieness and wildness of it all has me itching to go do something. The only ways I want to spend tonight are these: I want to put on a sweater, call someone, and go for a walk on this wild night; to sit around a campfire by a lake, listening to the crashing of the waves, looking at the stars, feeling the brisk wind around us, yet staying warm from the flames; to sit outside in the darkness, warming our hands around cups of hot tea; or to be indoors, windows thrown open to the wind, sitting cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by plants and art and quiet light, sipping wine, writing our papers, and listening to beautiful acoustic guitar.

It's funny how normal things, when done with someone else, someone intriguing, are lovely and completely unordinary. I love school, I do, but right now, a series of back-to-back weekends with weather like this would be perfect.

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