Sunday, September 11, 2005

with a quick one-two

Tonight I was stalking down the aisles of SuperWalmart --kill me now -- in search of a fan (we were melting in our dorm room this afternoon). The layout of the store makes no sense, and it's like a Sams Club, only huger and more full of stuff -- it seems like more stuff, because it's not in bulk, it's still in little packages. It's packed with hard-to-find things like fans and salespeople. GOSH.

To get to the housewares section, I had to walk past the little-kids clothing section, and my hormones nearly grabbed a 12-Month-Boy checkered shirt off the rack and clasped it to my chest or stuffed it in my bag and took it with me. AAAHHH. It was as though my Maternal Instinct came across me in a smotheringly hormonal wave, and I wanted a kid RIGHT NOW. GET ME ONE NOW. What, they're on backorder?

Times like tonight, I can hardly wait to have a Little Boy with brown hair and blue eyes and checkered long-sleeved shirts and corduroy pants and little brown loafers; who loves to be read to, and likes bugs and dirt and guitars and frogs and watching his dad shave in the morning.


Christina said...

Sorry, unrelated to the post, but:

You read the Enright books once a year too?! Only I read them in the summer. That's neato! I thought I was the only one who did that! I didn't evne know you like them...

Christina said...

More related: I want the Little boy with brown hair and big brown eyes...but I won't dress him in checkered shirts or loafers.

djm said...

(To me, Enright books [especially Spiderweb for Two] are Fall Reading. Mmm. I love those books. And, umm, what brought that up, anyway? I remember writing about them somewhere, but I don't know where, exactly.)

Oh, yeah? What would you dress him in? Huh?

Christina said...

Somewhere in the bookie thing. (I have no intention of being any more clear than that.)

Well certainly nothing as SILLY as checkered shirts or LOAFERS! I goodness! *takes a fightin' stance*