Friday, September 09, 2005

High, everyone!

I spent my day in emergency rooms and two different hospitals. At the second one, I was being given anaesthetic through a PLASTIC TUBE IN MY ARM, and when it kicked in, dude, it was so totally great. I was feeling loopy, light as a feather, like I was floating. I grinned up at the nurse, and she told me it was okay to giggle.

The last thing I remember before drifting off was telling the room, "Man, DRUGS ARE SOOO COOL."

I hope they realize the drugs in question were the ones they were giving me, not, like, the four lines of cocaine I snorted last night.


(I'm okay now; I had had something sharp lodged in my throat, and the first hospital I went to referred me to a different hospital, where they got me all doped up and threaded a camera/probe down my oesophagus, past my vocal cords, through my stomach, and into the beginning of my small intestine. And I have PICTURES of it all!)


Karim said...

I hope you are fine now! I never have been given anaesthetics, so I don't know how it feels. However, you make me want to try. :-S

kate said...

So what was in your throat?

Anonymous said...

yah what was in your throat?

haha. nika you are funny i can see u with the whole drugs comment thing. i remember when i had my wisdom teeth out and they were pumpin the anesthesia in-- i was like, 100..99... wheee! (out.)

Anonymous said...

Now there's a photo album to show your friends!!! (And unwanted houseguests).

Heh, they're going to want to send you to a remedial D.A.R.E. class now.

Oh, and the question of the hour.
Something sharp?
What, were you sword swallowing again?

Or maybe she doesn't want to admit that she swallowed her nail clippers to see if she could get them past airport security.


Jen said...

No, it was totally the broken glass her roomate slipped into her orange juice.

djm said...

Err. No. Much less interesting than any of those...

...It was part of a chicken bone. How disgusting and unladylike, swallowing part of a CHICKEN BONE!