Wednesday, September 28, 2005

one two three, four five six...

(one two three) Stepping forward, following back; traveling. (four five six) Spinning, twirling, stepping back. (one two three) Clasping hands, arms around each other. (four five six) Separating, dipping, coming together again. He suggests the moves; he leads; I follow. He's good at guiding; light pressure from his hand on my back guides me in the right direction; I'm good at following. We are comfortable in our respective roles, moving together. (one two three, four five six)

(one two three)

He suggests another move: "Should we travel again?" (four five six)
"Why, yes. (slight rest) Where should we go this time?" (one two three)
"The South of France, perhaps?" (four five six)
"Ah, along the Mediterranean?" (one two three)
"Yes. I hear it's great this time of year." (four five six)

The American Waltz. I swear I will have the rhythm stuck in my head -- and in my hips, in my feet, in my back -- until the day I die.

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