Monday, September 26, 2005

Party like, it's my birthday! & St[a]ir Crazy

I make myself laugh sometimes. Hey, it's free -- and usually clean -- entertainment.

Every day, I notice beautiful little things, or special little things, but on my birthday, I notice them even more.

For example:

"The sunrise! Look at the sunrise! It's so beautiful. Well, it's my birthday, after all. Thank you, God, for the sunrise for my birthday!"

"I get to shave with my Intuition today! For my birthday! Yay!"

Then I got to my contacts; my right eye felt awful with the contact sitting on it. "Come ON, eye. WORK WITH ME. It's my birthday, remember?"


The stairs here are a killer. It's crazy, how mcuh doing hundreds of stairs a day can change one's body so much. This weekend, I was at Mom and Dad's putting on my shoes, and my hands ran over my calf -- and I shrieked. There, on my leg, was a defined muscle. On MY leg, there was a defined muscle. On my leg, there was a DEFINED muscle. On my LEG, there was a defined MUSCLE. (insert reverent pause here) And then after I had lots of good food for my birthday, I had to check to make sure it was still there, that the extra goodies I had consumed hadn't made it go back from whence it came.

Seriously, though, there are SO MANY STAIRS. The other day, I went up a flight, and another flight, and another flight, and another flight, and finally I got to where I just stood still and LOOKED at the stairs that were left, willing them to disappear. A guy behind me started laughing, "You know, it DOES go faster if you take them two at a time."

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