Saturday, October 01, 2005

(ongoing) to-do list for Fall:

slow down
take more night-time walks
make spiced wine
enjoy my new fingerless glove/mitten things*
drink more tea
make good soups (wild rice, chili, leek and potato)
drink more water
keep the 4.0
try to forget that I've Discovered Coffee (only decaf, but still.)
make applesauce
keep up the good work with all the fresh veggies and organic stuff
not lock myself out of my car or dorm

* purchased today; I'm wearing them right now just because I enjoy them so much. They're that lovely, fally, burnt-orange colour, and just the colour by itself makes me want to spend days outside, bundled up in sweaters and corduroy.

** Related to the whole slowing down thing, two posts ago. Certain things will work out the way they're meant to; I don't have to strive to make them turn out a certain way. That became evident to me a couple of nights ago; things don't turn out the way I plan; sometimes, the times I don't plan, they turn out even better.

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