Monday, October 10, 2005

Hop on cop

I've always been scared of getting a speeding ticket. And therapists say that you're supposed to face your fear. Right?

Today I faced my fear (ON THE WAY TO A JOB INTERVIEW) and it's costing me $169.

The hardest part about it, though, was keeping my mouth shut. The cop's name badge said, "D. Seuss," and I had to bite my tongue to keep from singing, "I do not want a ticket, I don't! You surely will not write one - you won't!"

The agony.


Heeds said...

ohhh poor neeky.
haha thats funny about his name. u should've said that, hehe.

I'll have to teach you how to cry your way out of speeding tickets.

Jen said...

Rachel gives great big puppy eyes and it works. You should of done puppy eyes.
I, however, have never had the opportunity to use them on a police officer, because I have never been pulled over! HA!! :-P

djm said...

There's a first time for everything, bless yer heart.

Jen said...

Oh, well, make that pulled over because of somthing I was doing.There was one time I was pulled over because some people were lighting mail boxes on fire, and I was the only truck ont he road at 1 am, so they decided to see what I was up to. All the same, he didn't even pay attention to the fact that my headlight was out, my tailpipe was rather low, and the iside of the truck smelled of gasoline...

Jen said...

And by the way.... how fast WERE you going to deserve a 169 dollar ticket??!!??