Wednesday, October 12, 2005

duck, duck, GOOSE

Let's play a new game!

The title of this game is, "How many different shades of brown clothes Dänika can swathe her body in this morning?!"

Five. Possibly six, but I think that would be waaay over the top.


kate said...

Let's see a picture and I'll be the judge.

Jen said...

I was dressed in ummm 2 shades, and a green shirt, plus my brown hair and eyes on Sunday. Tom looked at me and said "You look very brown today."

Heeds said...

my friend gave me a brown sash with brown sequins on it the other day,
and then said to me,
Heidi! Brown is the new black!!

djm said...

so you mean that I was totally the new goth today, heeds? ;)

if I had a camera, I would, face.

haha, Jenni. :)