Sunday, October 02, 2005

100 things...

Taken from this blog (which took it from somewhere else): Make a list of 100 things you like in no particular order. Avoid the obvious (significant other, cake...) and be completely honest with yourself. If you try to think of things that you are curious about and inspired by, you'll end up discovering a lot about yourself and in doing so developing a sort of bank of your interests and ideas.

1. new water bottles
2. grocery shopping
3. bright colours
4. cooking
5. taking photographs
6. the smell of coffee
7. daily planners
8. the smell of tires
9. candles
10. wine
11. wearing a knee-length skirt and tights
12. autumn
13. red shoes
14. dancing
15. the Beatles
16. long walks
17. birthday cards
18. solid-colour mugs and bowls
19. hot tea
20. Wednesdays
21. lakes and oceans
22. strings of white lights
23. Christmas trees
24. waking up in a freezing room, curled up inside a cocoon of quilts
25. black&white photography
26. English literature
27. travelling
28. watching movies in the dark, and seeing the light from the tv flicker across the faces of the other people in the room
29. finding surprising amounts of money in my checking account
30. Target
31. Macintosh apples
32. "Amélie"
33. the smell of fresh-baked bread
34. Cathedrals
35. Renaissance music
36. succeeding
37. plants
38. good shampoo
39. corduroy
40. aerobics
41. laundry detergent (Tide or Gain)
42. Andes mints
44. acting in plays
45. playing the piano
46. finding a kleenex box with a pattern/pictures I like on it
47. dark brown shirts
48. dangly earrings
49. the stars
50. someone who stops whatever he's doing to look me in the eyes and give me his full attention when I'm talking about something serious
51. good blog designs
52. the produce section at good grocery stores
53. my sunglasses
54. gluten-free bread with natural peanut butter, drizzled with honey
55. apple anything in the fall
56. waking up before my alarm goes off, cherishing those last few minutes of peace
57. anticipation
58. seagulls
59. waves crashing on huge rocks
60. finding the perfect pair of jeans for under $20
61. the Tchaikovsky violin concerto
62. squash, sprinkled with brown sugar
63. receiving packages in the mail
64. sending cards
65. reading blogs
66. getting that 'spark' of creativity, when suddenly a story appears in my head
67. the "Emily" books
68. getting a voicemail from someone when I least expect it
69. things working out without my trying to make them work out
70. drawing with charcoal and/or chalk
71. getting my hands messy with the charcoal and/or chalk, then scrubbing it off
72. not worrying about the future
73. spacious, clean kitchens
74. soymilk - Silk; vanilla or chocolate
75. wooden cutting boards
76. beautiful hands
77. loveseats
78. rather bright solid-colour walls and fabrics
79. my burgundy clogs
80. little boys dressed in plaid and khaki or corduroy
81. my old, falling-apart sweatshirt
82. losing weight
83. Latin
84. <-- that number, as well as 26
85. choral music
86. 'le fableux' soundtrack from "Amélie"
87. stationery
88. the smell of asphalt after a good rain
89. cinnamon
90. Pentel R.S.V.P. pens - fine point - black ink
91. playing guitar
92. receiving comments on my photos or blog
93. classical guitar music
94. calendars
95. dawn dishsoap
96. British sitcoms
97. people in London
98. doing better on a test than I'd expected
99. bras from Victoria's Secret
100. temperature in the 60s


Sarah said...

Man, we really could be just split spirits in separate bodies...

We at least qualify for the highest level of kindred spirits - Anne-approved.


This makes me ponder - I wonder what it is that makes some people so like others... Similar upbringings/surroundings? God just likes certain types of personalities enough to make duplicates? Heh.

djm said...

like, yOu cOmPlEtE mE, sArAh. hehe.

Yes, kindred spirits, totally.

But I do like the whole "God really outdid Himself when He created us" mindset. ;)