Thursday, October 13, 2005

Collection of Equally Random reasons I feel Slightly Guilty:

1.) I have had far too much chocolate over the past 48 hours. But I alleviate my guilt by reminding myself that I get these cravings only a few days each month (the same days I'm tired and depressed and an emotional mess). And, it's not craving, so much, because craving sounds so specific -- I'm not picky about what I'm shoving into my mouth, as long as it has a high sugar/fat content/carb content. RAVENOUS might be a better word. So, basically, just give in already.

2.) I haven't completely finished the readings for this week's classes. I feel guilty that I don't feel MORE guilty about this - particularly regarding my WWII class.

3.) I looked at the nutrition panel for the bag of Organic Puffed Rice cereal I bought on...ummm... Tuesday (how sick is this, I couldn't remember which day it was, until I thought about the shirt that someone I saw was wearing?!), and it said there are ten servings per bag. They could've fooled me - I thought there were, like, four. Apparently.

6.) Yes. Six. My homeschool-raised brain skipped right over 4 & 5, perhaps in a subconscious attempt to avoid typing or thinking about the five, since I have a horrible aversion to that number. Aaanyway.

7.) I baked an 8x8 (only inches, not feet, unfortunately; otherwise I would've jumped into it and eaten my way out) apple crisp last night. It was only three apples, and it wasn't very crisp. But it was really good (do you notice all the usage of past tense?).

8.) I am currently eating Smucker's Natural peanut butter out of the jar. Off a knife. For an explanation as to why I feel only Slightly Guilty, refer to #1.

9.) I just washed my dishes, only because I ran out of silverware. Yesterday and today I had to resort to eating off knives. I told L. I was going to wash them last night, and then I didn't, and when he asked me later if I had, and I TOLD HIM NO AND HE CALLED ME A BUM, yes, I felt guilty.

10.) I feel guilty for not feeling guilty about slightly losing my temper today. It wasn't a big deal, the losing of the temper, because when I lose my temper I get really cold and quiet, but today I let my book fall onto the floor. And I enjoyed the resounding thud it made.


Jen said...

now see, what you should have done was taken the Organic Puffed Rice, the peanut butter, and the chocolate, and melted them all together in a pan. Then you'd only have one thing at a time to feel guilty about.
Though seriously, feeling guilty about puffed rice?? Come on...

djm said...

Yes...but it wouldn't last as long. ;)

I do comfort myself with the fact that there were only 600 calories in the ENTIRE bag of puffed rice. That's why I only feel SLIGHTLY guilty -- and am going to the store to get more, in a few minutes. :D