Tuesday, April 26, 2005

the ultimate...

according to the referrals tracking on my blog, someone happened upon this site by searching yahoo for "joshua bell girlfriend."



Anonymous said...

Well... I only found your violinfreak site (twice) in the first 5 pages... (because I'm one of those people who can't believe anything they're told, and have to just check it out for themselves - though I do try to refrain from jumping off cliffs). So maybe that person is more dedicated than I and searched way past those pages.


Jen said...

Oh yeah? Well somebody came to my site by searching for "Picture of abcess on cheek." !!

dänika said...

Yeah, that was me, Jenni.

hehe. ;)

Somehow, I think that "joshua bell girlfriend" is much more glamorous than "picture of abcess on cheek."

grant said...

since you realy, really, really like clowns, u should love this.