Wednesday, April 20, 2005

try it the flamingo way!

In speech class today, I won a flamingo figurine, and was startled to see that it had webbed feet, so when I got back to my room, I googled "flamingo anatomy." To my recollection, the flamingos I've seen (in cartoons, I know) had talons, not webbed feet.

The first of the two sites that came up was a british how-to on masturbation (maybe "the flamingo" is a technique ;) ); the second was a thread about a woman's fake flamingo who disappeared from her yard for a while, then returned with pictures from where it'd been. Its travels are here. Like Amelie's father's gnome, only different.

I regoogled just "flamingo," followed a SeaWorld link, and...

they do have webbed feet. A dollar store flamingo figurine is anatomically correct!

Countdown: Three days until Saturday!

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