Thursday, April 14, 2005

Don't freak out

I found my wedding dress. Normally, I could tell my Mom about this, but because she and Dad are so funny about my boyfriend, I don't think I should mention anything. It's not that I'm getting married now, since, ummm, I'm not; it's just that I have found the dress that I want to wear when I do get married, whenever that is. My friend Kristen and I went to JC Penney's the other day, because she was looking for something, and eventually we wound up in the Prom Dress section. I didn't really see anything that caught my attention, and then suddenly, I saw it. I looked at it, felt it, and made a move to look at some more, but turned back right away and had to go try it on. It was perfect; strapless ivory brocade (because, seriously, who looks good in white!?), laced up the bodice with 3/4" wide ivory ribbon; just above the waist, the brocade opened up and showed the cream-coloured satin underskirt, and both fabrics brushed the ground. Contrary to what it sounds, it was very simple; it was beautiful, reminding me of a dress that would be in "Ever After." I tried it on, and it fit perfectly, and it felt wonderful. That dress and cream-coloured long-stemmed roses...that's what I want.

I tried finding it online, even a picture, but the maker doesn't have a website, it's not on the jcpenney website, and I typing in the design number doesn't come up with it, either. I can't stop thinking about it! I want to go back and try it on again, but get a picture this time, so that I have it for future reference; if that dress isn't available anywhere when I get married, I want to be able to show a dressmaker just what it looked like.

Update: The Roommate and I, in a 45-minute time slot we had open, drove over to the mall today, to jcpenney's. I COULDN'T FIND THE DRESS. We looked all over the store...and then I realized that I'd been in Younkers yesterday, not JC Penney! Silly. Went to Younkers, and it was still there! And in my size! And it was still just as lovely as it had been before. I'd sneaked my camera in my purse, and tried the dress on, then took a few pictures of it, and then just of the dress, so that I won't forget what it looks like, in case I don't get married for years and years and years. I felt slightly illegal, and kept coughing to cover up the sound of the camera, but my roommate was laughing, because she could see the flash from where she was sitting, outside the whole dressing room complex. heh.


Anonymous said...

I already own my wedding dress. Even though there's no guy in the picture.

Anonymous said...

my roommate took a pic of me trying on a dress at david's bridal (huge chain store selling the gaudiest, poofiest dresses ever). a big no-no there since they don't want anyone copying the dresses with a seamstress. she forgot her camera phone makes a loud "ch-chaaa" like a normal camera and when it did EVERYONE in the store turned around. saleladies, everyone. amy whirled around embarrassed and i ran back into the dressing room afraid we were about to be kicked out... great memory...