Thursday, April 21, 2005


For as long as I can remember, I've been scared that someday, when I'm sitting in the bathroom, a serpent is going to slither up out of the hole in the toilet bowl and latch onto my butt. I still look in the toilet bowl before I sit down. I have no idea where that phobia came from; I don't think there's a movie I saw where that happened...

I can't wash my face without panicking that someone, while my eyes are shut because of soapy lather, is going to come up behind me and push my face into the sink, drowning me.

When I sleep, I have to have the left side of my neck covered, so I won't get shot by a poison dart. This phobia goes waaaay back, and stems from one of my parents' favourite British mysteries I used to watch with them when I was little. Come to think of it, the last one was from a mystery that I watched when I was really little, too. HMM...

I don't like shower curtains. Germs, mold, spiders, and other Questionables could be lurking in their folds, and I'm always afraid when I see a closed shower curtain -- someone could be hiding in there, or a dead person could be hanging in the shower.

I don't like clowns.

There's a midget on a QuickCash commercial around here, and he freaks me out so much. I'm just glad I know some midgets personally, otherwise, if I were only exposed to this Evil Midget, they might be on my list of phobiäe.

I'm always afraid someone is hiding behind the hanging clothes in my closet, and will come out and grab my ankle as I climb into my loft in the dark. This is why I don't turn off the lights until I'm sitting on my bed, and have surveyed the room for predators.

I don't wear scarves at night, even in the cold cold winter, because it'd make it easy for someone to strangle me.

When I'm driving and pass someone, I always have a split second of mind-numbing fear that they're going to shoot me in the head as my car pulls just ahead of theirs.

I've always been scared of not being good enough, but that's subsided a bit lately; with the knowledge that there's someone out there who isn't related to me, but thinks that I'm amazing and loves me just the way I am -- and what else has helped is the recent realisation that I'm getting straight A's. !

I'm terrified of vampires.

And wolves.

I don't like most odd or prime numbers. Except for 9. Which is odd. Not prime. Threes, fives, and sevens make me feel strange and unbalanced (Sarcastic devil: Unbalanced, did you say?).


Jen said...

Wow, that's quite the list.

If it makes you feel any better, I always run up the basement stairs, because I know that somebody is behind me.
I am also afraid of going to the bathroom at night, because either somebody is in the hallway, or looking in the skylight, or some voice is going to talk to me through the sink.

Anonymous said...

Danika.. most of that seems pretty normal. I had friends that would make me come into their apartment at night and check all the closets and tubs for lurking murderers before I could leave them there alone. That's quite girlish and quite normal, I think.

I totally understand you about the covering exposed parts of your neck while sleeping. I worry a wasp (my biggest phobias involve them) will sting me on my neck in the night.

And I check the toilet, too.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... those are a lot of 'could be's... but I'm sure you could come up with many more. ;-D

I think I only have one real paranoia... I don't like having the windows uncovered when it's dark outside and all lit up inside... it feels like someone could be watching me, and I can't see them. Same reason I don't like to have my back to an uncovered window at night.


Anonymous said...

btw, why don't you like clowns? I never could understand that one.

Chera said...

Dude, clowns are scary!

Beth said...

yeah, my brothers and I used to be ridiculously scared of the snake thing. we saw it on Rescue 911 when we were itty bitty that it happened to some chick. who knew?