Monday, June 06, 2005

And one, and two, and up, and down.

I usually exercise quietly, just the thumping of my feet on the treadmill or loud exhalations keeping time with the music that's supposed to keep my attention off the fact that I have 20 minutes left in my workout. Today, though, I realized it must have sounded odd to anyone who happened to open the door to the basement -- I had "You've Got Mail" in the vcr, headphones clamped on my ears, and occasional quotes slipped their way out of my mouth between inhalations:

Example 1:
"/thump thump/ Kiss me, I'm going to be your wicked stepmother."

Example 2:
"/pant/ I am; I'm having my eggs harvested."


kate said...

I desperately need to re-watch that movie.

Chera said...

You've Got Mail is the best! We watched part of it last night.

nika said...

I love it love it love it! :-D