Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I'm not comfortable with my brothers' driving. It's not that they're bad drivers, per se, just that they're horribly inexperienced and don't really pay attention at all (I know, I sound like my mom when I learnt to drive, but there's a reason their insurance rates are, like five hundred dollars every-1/2-year higher than mine!!). Last night I was told that Joe was going to be driving Dad somewhere today, and expressed my trepidation, but Mom assured me everything would be fine. I know I still had that look on my face, though, the "I'm a Better, More Experienced, Older Driver" look.

This morning Joe came into the kitchen: "Where are the keys for the Jeep?"
Mom: "Aren't they in there?"
J: "NO!"
D, shouting from the next room: "They're IN there! They're by the, uh...the...uhhh...uhhhhhhhh....the PARK REVERSE NEUTRAL OVERDRIVE THING!"
J: "Dänika, you mean, the SHIFTER?"
D: "Whatever. Still a better driver."


Anonymous said...

Oh, Dude. I've been teaching Chera how to drive. S-T-R-E-S-S. Poor girl, I probably make her more nervous than she would ever be without me. But I have two options: I can completely ignore her, and she learns nothing, and we perhaps get killed. That option leaves me less stressed, and calm and such. Or I can pay attention and grind a hole in the floorboard with my feet.


nika said...

You're a braver woman than I am; I refuse to ride with Joe, but I'm taking him down to get his drivers' license in July, and that's only because I'm hoping I might get to see someone I know while I'm there. :P

Take your knitting along! Errr, or maybe not. Too easy to poke your eye out when you're all nervous and jumpy if she has to slam on the brakes. heheh.

Anonymous said...

'Sides, I'd get majorly carsick, and throw up all over Chera's lap, and THEN we'd go into the ditch.