Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Inspiring me today:

43Things. I am obsessed with this website! You can make a list of your goals, check off the ones that you've met, connect with people across the world who have the same goals as you (or are willing to help you out!), and give and receive "cheers" -- cheering people on to reach their goals. I received my first "cheer" almost immediately after I added "Be in a movie with Ewan McGregor" to my list; I've also gotten cheered on to "Live in NYC" and "read the classics." There are many people from the USA, of course, but so many from other places -- the UK, Australia, Greece, Spain...I love it!


kate said...

We can live together in NYC. I don't want to leave! I love it here.

nika said...

Yay! This means I don't have to search for a cool roomie. We can wear Old Navy msg t-shirts together and frolic in the streets of NYC. Go us!!