Saturday, June 11, 2005

The First Do-It for the Summer: Watercolour!

I've always wanted to learn how to watercolour. I love the hazy, soft, Impressionistic look of the colours on a good, heavy paper, and how people can take paint of any sort and smear it on a canvas and have it LOOK LIKE A FLOWER, OH-MY-GOSH! amazes me. I figured I've put it off long enough (I ain't gittin' any younger), borrowed a watercolour book from my mom's friend, and bought the supplies yesterday.

I still cannot believe I forked over $14.99 for ONE paintbrush -- this, coming from the person who hates parting with her money in increments over $10 (unless it's the Amélie soundtrack which I'd been wanting for a year), can sniff out the clearance section of any store from just inside the door, and hardly ever pays full price for anything. You can call it Miserly and Cheap if you want to, but I prefer THRIFTY and SENSIBLE, thanks.

The watercolour book I borrowed is just perfect for me; the author keps emphasizing the need to relax, don't worry about wasting paper, don't have high expectations of what my beginning creations look like; they don't look like anything I've seen, because they were painted by me, and I'd never watercoloured before! So yesterday and today, I've had a blast, swirling colours around on the cold-press paper, loving the creation of new colours as the primaries blend and dance around the page.

Thank God for the "Recover Post" feature! It just saved my butt from having to try to remember what I said in this post!

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