Tuesday, September 28, 2004

biological clock and crap

Man. I sure hope God isn't going to have me wait to get married until I'm 87 or something like that. He's put such a desire in me to get married, have a kid...and this longing just increases each time I hold a baby (TPR's 3-month-old nephew is adorable!) or see a man holding a baby. So sometimes, when I'm frustrated by the fact that I don't even have any "potentials" in my life -- well...depends on the definition of "potential." if "potential" means "the kind of guy I want to marry" then okay. I remember that God is in control...that maybe I do know The Guy already, and I shouldn't be frustrated.

I remember on the back cover of a National Geographic from the 70's, there was an ad for...I think it was Kodak...anyway, it was of a guy relaxing (shirtless), with a diapered baby in his arms, and they were just looking each other in the eyes -- anyway, I thought that was so beautiful (I was 9 when I found it, I think). Over eleven years ago. Good heavens.

My birthday was on Sunday, and I spent the day (after going to church, talking to TPR and holding his nephew -- I held a baby on my birthday. awww. I was on a baby-high for the next day and a half) with my friend, H. She and I went to a family fall fest thing (sponsored by her church) at a huge pumpkin patch in town, had food, and colored each other's hair. My hair is now a dark burgundy brown, and when the sun hits it, it's bright red. It's so fun. :D So far, the comments on it stand thus:
J - "I really don't like it." (well, that's fine. I wasn't doing it for him, anyway. :P )
H - "I love it!" (of course. she did it to me. :D )
J - "I noticed it." (amazing, coming from the most unobservant person on the planet)
TPR - "I like it." (aww. thanks, man!)

I love going to a college where I know everyone. My friend C -- recently remarried -- is more like an older brother to me, and when I see him in the morning, he gives me a huge hug, lets me smell him (his cologne is perfectly splendid), and compliments me on some aspect of my wardrobe...it could be my hat, or dangly earrings, or a shirt, or coat, or anything. It's so nice. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't have a blogger, so I had to "post anonymously", but this is Kali.

I just wanted to say... Keep reminding yourself that God has said He will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalms 37:4). I believe that if He put that desire there, He will fulfill it :-)

Things can change around quicker than you can say "engagement ring", and when you least expect it ;-) You might find yourself married sooner than you expect. You never know. Just gotta trust the One in charge!
I know if can be hard though :-( (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Me again...

Talk about unobservant *shakes head* I didn't really need to give you the verse reference when it's sitting right up there at the top of your blog. Duh.

Oh well. One of my less brilliant moments LOL At least I can see it's a verse you like and are familiar with, so you shouldn't forget it too easily ;-)