Thursday, September 23, 2004

so, I was right.

The ring is what I thought it was -- and he got it on his 16th birthday, too. Rockin'!


Cassie said...

heh. That's pretty cool. I had a similar experience last week when there was this guy in front of me at art class who had a suspicious red scripted tattoo on his left wrist. I leaned forward and said, "Hey, what's that tattoo on your wrist say?" He said, "Grace" and when I asked him why he would get such a thing on his wrist, he said, "...God's grace..?" I gave him a thumbs up and said, "Right answer!" and we've talked ever since. It was pretty cool and I'm glad I didn't think too much that it kept me from asking, since he's only the seconnd Christian I've ever met at my school. :P

djm said...

awesome, cass! i love running into people and discovering that they're christian. He is such an amazing bond. :)