Monday, September 20, 2004

demon-possessed mouse

The cursor just began sliding up to the top of the screen, and I swear I didn't touch the mouse. It did it all by itself. Eew.

The head librarian here keeps a dish of hard candy sitting out on the bookshelf, and just told me that I can help myself, whenever I want. She really didn't know what she was getting into, when she said that. I can stuff my face. For free. If I wasn't on the Body for Life program. Darn. Oh well, I'll eat my dry pitas and salty cottage cheese and drink my Perrier water and pretend that it all tastes as good as root beer barrels and butterscotch thingies.


kate said...

Isn't it like a curse that you suddenly become more aware of food and stuff? Sad, but true.

I just had three tootsie rolls. I justified them with warped logic. But hey ... One has to live a little.

Ooo - I shouldn't've told you that! I'm sorry!

(My mouse does that, sometimes, too. Weird.)

Jen said...

Dry pitas and salty cottage cheese? You poor thing! If you ever come to my house, I'll be sure to stock you up on gummies and make you a nice big turkey dinner. Deal?

djm said...


Ouch. The pain. I've been good, though. Today at the health food store, I bought some soy crisp snack things. They're like, know the Quaker puffed oat cakes or rice cakes or whatever they are? That's what these are like -- little ones -- and they're apple-cinnamon flavored. They're quite yummy, actually.

I have no clue why my cottage cheese is salty. It's so gross.

Deal, Jenni, but that means I have to come to your house on my free day, where I don't have to be careful about what I eat. ;)