Thursday, September 09, 2004

r U mY mAn?!?!?!?!?!

Inspired by Gorgeousness PersonifiedTM, Jenni herself.

My Man Must:
-be a true Christian
-have beautiful, artistic hands
-love and cherish the odd person I am
-realise that I'll have crappy days where all I want is a hug and a shoulder to cry on
-not be arrogant (die! die! die!)
-not be too macho to weep occassionally
-love worshipping the Lord
-have lovely eyes
-adore children
-[without my asking] Rub my feet when I'm pregnant
-get along well with my family
-recognize the fact that I'm an odd individual, and not try(or want) to make me change
-want to travel
-love learning
-have lovely hair, but not on his back or feet(eew!)
-get excited and put christmas decorations up in early november
-want a dog
-be nice and warm to snuggle up to
-adore my wonderful cousins
-feast on my nephew's cheeks with me

Not in any order except for the first three. Oh, and the ones about hair and snuggling and eyes and cannibalism. Those are important, and are vying for a place in the first three.

Any applicants who fit all points, please clone yourselves and spread out over the world in a network of Great Eligible Guys, so as to counteract the influx of Horrible Awful Guys.

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