Thursday, September 09, 2004

kangaroos and record lows

I don't know really what's up, but lately, I've heard/had some pretty funny things/thoughts. Or maybe having my nieces here lowered my standard of funniness. Whichever it is, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. And herein I laud my own presumed Funniness and those of People Near Me:

"Lately, my heart's been jumping like a kangaroo on steriods," was the thought that flashed across my mind, neon light zapping my retinas, as I stood refilling my water bottle.

The astronomy professor prodded a dozing student in the front row; "You're not going to die on me, are you? That'd really be a new low in the history of teaching."

The same professor exclaimed with gusto a few nights previous, "Muslims go to Mecca; nerds go to Westminster Abbey!" Thanks. I'm going there in November but you are STILL more nerd than I will ever be.

Surveying the rhinestones that spell out "Anne Klein" across my chest, "Hey, is that Braille?"

I left a message on Dad's cell just before I had to go to my astronomy class wherein the professor spent the entire hour and fifteen minutes bashing the Church: "Oh, wait, I have to go; it's almost time to enter the Chamber of Death. Love you. Bye."

Lately, we've gone through more toilet paper than a woman pregnant with triplets.

I'll spare you from the rest.

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kate said...

I laughed, too. :-)