Saturday, October 09, 2004

Remember this: caveat.

Because I've gradually gotten sadder and sadder over the course of the day while thinking about stuff, I'm writing this list as a pathetic attempt to cheer myself up. Or at least lessen the sadness a trifle.

1. I went stargazing the other night.
2. My french teacher rocks.
3. Someone who used to never acknowledge that I exist, has been having deep, really good conversations with me over the past few weeks, and is making an effort to get to know me.
4. I got a box of nerds a few nights ago [nerd points] because I found Casseiopia all by myself.
5. I'm having Thanksgiving tomorrow with my family [on Thanksgiving Day, I'll be catching a flight to London].
6. I've met such a fun, sweet young married mother who lives, like, two miles from where I live.
7. I've heard the word "caveat" used twice today. Rock on.
8. Today, I listened to a lecture on the physics behind rainbows, and -- wait for it, wait for it -- actually understood it.
9. I can bake pies now.
10. Conan's on.


Anonymous said...

#5. Heathrow? Why Thanksgiving in London? Are your parents there?

Anonymous said...

that was me... mr anonymous.