Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Olive Garden, The

Olive Garden, The

Why the Olive Garden, you ask? Not only because I scored two (count them: one, two!) free meals there, courtesy of amazing people (including John), but because of this. So confident are they that you will still return to their restaurant, even if you can make the same thing at home...that they put up all of my favourite recipes online.

Oh, Chicken Marsala, this weekend when I'm at my parent's house, with free access to kitchen and food, I'll pair you with Tuscan Potatoes!!

I am nearly hyperentilating with excitement. John and I discussed just today that when he comes here to visit, we should cook more often, rather than going out. I was trying to think of something spectacular to cook here, and then discovered this wealth of delicious recipes.

Oh, Olive Garden. I love you.

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