Friday, November 17, 2006

the elusive music

there is a song that has been haunting me for a very long time. first heard two years ago, it flits through my mind on quiet, cold, dreary, dreamy days, feeling as though i'm sliding through space, everything cushioned - yet simultaneously amplified. i know that might not make any sense, but it's as though i'm in a dream-state, a continual observer, yet never observed.

i have never been able to discover who sings the song, or what group produced it. i would hear clips of it every once in a while, but still! no luck.

i was at a friend's house last sunday afternoon, and nearly jumped out of my skin when this commercial came on the tv.

i got goosebumps, and asked my friends what that music was -- but none of them knew.

this morning i searched online, looking up "gaming commercials," "video game commercials," etc., until i found that video on youTube.

i found it on iTunes (and got it for free, from blingo).

at last.

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