Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I just got off the phone, ending twelve minutes of incredibly uncomfortable near-hell on earth -- what, you think I'm exaggerating? I was on speakerphone. Yes, it was that bad.

It was a phone interview for the front desk job in my dorm, and the inaneness of the questions and scenarios they asked me/set me up with ("During your shift, you sold two small pizzas and three ice cream bars...") made me want to hang up in the middle of the interview. Suddenly my mind went blank, and the only thing I could think to do was laugh and say, "Look, this is uncomfortable for all of us. How about we hang up, now? One...two...three..."

(But I didn't.)

I hadn't been job-interviewed in three years, and so this was relatively foreign. I'm still waiting for that tense coil inside me to unwind. I have a horrible time trying to Extol my Virtues. They're going to make a decision by Friday, and let me know (how soon I'll be shipped to Timbuktu).


kate said...

You really said that?! Too funny. When will you find out if the job's yours?

danika said...

Yeah, I said that in my head, not out loud. I stammered for a minute whilst trying to think of something ELSE, anything else, to say.