Saturday, August 06, 2005


I watched S.W.A.T. with a couple of friends last night, and couldn't get over how odd Samuel L. Jackson looked in uniform, when the most recent thing I'd seen him in was a Jedi robe.

JACKSON: You know you want to be back on The Team. Come on.
ME: Or he will cut you with his light saber.

It's my Mom's birthday, and she's spending it with the daughter who must be the one she loves more, hmm. So I'm alone with the dogs, plotting out my day of ricecakes and orange juice, laundry and taking care of the dogs, while Mom frolics about Minnesota. Happy birthday, Mom, I hope you have a great day, no, seriously!

This morning, I dreamed that I had a great article for a newspaper, so great it was going to be The Article of the Century, and I had to submit it to my newspaper...and then I forgot to, and then I woke up. Man. Foiled again!


Christina said...

BTW, why can't you eat wheat?

djm said...

Apparently Mom and I are gluten intolerant; when I eat things that contain it (wheat, barley, oats, rye), I get stomachaches, headachey, and look about 8 pounds heavier. When I don't eat wheat, I don't get stomachaches, don't get headachey, don't sneeze 20 times when I wake up in the morning (my allergies go away!), and look slimmer. :)