Thursday, August 04, 2005


Last year, the campus-wide reading project was Jurassic Park, which was a totally stupid decision by the board. They touted the book as being full of things you can relate to and learn from, things to enhance your life.

Learn from? Like, "Don't grow dinosaurs from millenia-old DNA and feature them in an amusement park, for they will eat you."

Whew, I'm so glad I know that, because I had been planning to clone dinosaurs tomorrow! What a lucky break!


Anonymous said...

i'd agree that there are definitely better works to pick from, but I also think there are some merits to glean from it like should we always do what we are capable of? and other "what if" consequences genetic type controversies.
but also, this book is too fresh on the grocery store shelf to be considered a classic. like i learned about the first public reactions of many british lit "classics" today, they were often considered cheap soap opera-y novels of the time.

so anyway. i love books. *pushes up glasses*


dänika said...

I do think there's something to learn from every book, but I still wish they would've picked a different one -- one that people could've taken seriously, instead of shrugging off because they read it in 4th grade. :)

Anonymous said...

Heh, well I'm sorry to bring up afresh such horrific experiences that had been resting uneasily in your past... ;-P

(Is this really burning you up a year later???)


dänika said...

(Whenever I see the year-old posters they have up all over the place, man.)