Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stupid stupid..

I'm in the Denver Int'l Airport right now, using an internet kiosk that has buttons instead of a real keyboard, typing about 4 wpm, erasing all the double letters which KEEP APPEARING.

The flight out here was great, after we finally got off the ground; it was more than an hour late, and was a smaller plane than the one we'd been booked for, so there was lots of rearranging.

I need to go in a minute, get back to my mom, aunt, uncle, and grandfather, before I kick this machine; I have to go work up the nerve to call someone, someone I met on the flight out to Denver. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!

I just realised there's a camera on this thing, STARING AT ME. I hadn't realised I'm being watched. Creepy.

Oh. And this plane is 2 hours late, and I'm sick as a dog. I hope the medicine I took will make the flight bearable.

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kate said...

To cheer you up: there'll be a happy, long email awaiting your return.