Saturday, May 21, 2005

Summer 1.0

There were a few goodbyes. Only a couple that really mattered -- the goodbye to my roommate, who's graduating today, and the goodbye-for-the-summer to the boy from my history class. He made the class bearable for the last month and a half; the times the teacher would've driven me crazy, he and I'd look at each other and laugh, and it made everything better. We talked a lot before the final, and it made a comfortable feeling in my stomach, knowing that he'll be back next semester -- that I'll have a built-in friend to get to know better.

It still hasn't sunk in, quite, that I'm done with school for the summer, that I've completed a semester at college 2.0. I finished my final final around 2:30, sold back two books (and got $81! Ha, Ang! :P ) and my Mexican boy came to help me take down the loft in my room. After a few close calls to Death by Black Metal Tubing, we finally shook the thing apart and I checked out of my room, with no payments for damages (she didn't notice the towel rack[s]).

I've totally cleaned my room at home. BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

I helped Dad do an inspection on a house this morning.

I've taken so many nature photos over the last week -- hopefully I'll be able to get those uploaded onto my laptop soon.

I spent a lot of time cutting out pictures, letters, and phrases from old National Geographics (extra copies) for my collage-cards.

Last night, I had a picnic by the lake with one of my friends whom I hadn't seen for a few months. It was strange; we weren't as comfortable with each other as we used to be. And then I picked up "In Good Company," and H & J and I got pizza and breadsticks and watched the dvd together at their apartment. I love them -- Holly's the only person I know who would do something as crazy as Midget Dancing with me.

But you were home almost every weekend, he said.
Yes, I replied, But when I came home for the weekends, I knew I was going back in two days. Now, I'm here for months.

Mom: "Dänika?"
Dä: "Yes?"
Mom: "See if you can marry the guy who invented Dyson vacuum cleaners."
Dä: "Ah."
Mom: "That'd be a Good Catch."

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