Friday, May 27, 2005

Put the lime in the Coke, you nut...

Today is the last day here in Milwaukee. At the beginning of the week, with five days stretching before us, I couldn't really believe that it would ever end -- the days were so long, and the only times we ever got out of the hotel room were at 7:40, 11:40, and 3:35, when we would take Rob to school/pick him up for lunch/bring him back. Since Sunday night, Dad and I have gone to the grocery store twice, the gas station twice, and Target a few times right after lunch.

I do like West Milwaukee, though. There are lots of trees, birds, squirrels, and rabbits; tons of brick houses (I found My House), and many sparkling Lexuses, Audis, Hyundais, and other nice cars that I don't hit. :) The traffic here hasn't been too bad; there are a few crazy intersections (for example, one is a five-way intersection; four of the ways have stoplights, but we always end up on the fifth one, and just have to make a run for it between cars).

Our hotel is about a mile from Miller Park -- home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Dad and I were going to have a Grand Adventure yesterday and visit the Domes by the Park, spend time in the amazing conservatory, but yesterday was really dizzy for him, so I talked him into taking a nap instead (see, Ang? I'm c-a-p-a-b-l-e).

I can't wait to get home, though -- to have my OWN SPACE, to listen to my music, to have a big kitchen to cook and bake in when I want to, to sleep in, to read my books that I forgot to bring along, to take pictures of the lilacs that are in FULL BLOOM right now. And to get away for a bit -- Holly's family has a cabin, and she and I are going to spend some time up there this summer.

"Bagpipes -- putting the FUN back in funerals"

I just checked my final class grades for this semsester...

STRAIGHT A's, BABY!!! I am THRILLED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You still never told me why you were in Milwaukee!!
And did you have any worries about your grades anyhow, Miss 150% ??


Anonymous said...

so where did that bagpipe quote come from?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and... you sleep in the kitchen? ;-D


nika said...

haha, Jenni. I was a little worried, just because I'm paranoid. :P

I was in Milwaukee because my brother had a 5-day training course on how to remove asbestos.

Yes, Courtney, I do. I curl up on the counter and pillow my head on the mixer. Quite comfy, actually.
heheh. :P

(The bagpipes quote was on a shirt a guy in the lobby was wearing -- Love it!)

kate said...