Sunday, May 08, 2005

Absence: legitimate

Last weekend Dad was in an accident. I haven't written about it here for two reasons:
  1. I've been frantically busy, and
  2. I've written/spoken about it so much that I didn't want to go over it again.

He was out burning stuff and clearing out brush from the edge of our yard last Saturday morning. My younger brother was with him, helping pull trees away into the woods after Dad cut them down. Apparently one tree fell the wrong way, or snapped, or something...and it fell on Dad's head. After one frantic 911 call, lots of unconsciousness, one 90+ mph ambulance, one fast helicopter ride (and great paramedic), one CT scan, 20 stitches, one broken tooth, four chipped teeth, one cracked tooth, some louuuusy vision, one hurt shoulder, one grade 3 concussion (borderline traumatic brain injury), one hospital stay of 3 days and 2 nights, later....he's home and sleeping a lot. He can't work for the next month, and any and every little thing wears him out. I take him back to the hosp tomorrow to get his stitches out and vision checked up on.

I hadn't slept well at all since the accident, and didn't dream in more than a week, but I finally dreamed last night...that I was engaged. To ms-prof. Oh boy (oh boy oh boy!).

I found out the same day as Dad's accident, that one of my favourite people in the world, my aunt Patty, has a tumor (larger than a normal orange) on one of her ovaries. Surgery is scheduled for the 18th, and the chances are very likely that it's cancer. I'll be going out to her house after she's released from the hospital, and just taking care of her and stuff for a week.

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