Thursday, May 12, 2005

Have I done this before?

Today in psychology, as I was sucking down cough drops and trying not to throw up, I made a list of some things I want in a guy.

My guy should...

  • be happy to see me
  • not try to get in my pants
  • smile a lot
  • want kids
  • hold a steady job or is a student
  • be smarter than me/at least as smart as I
  • be in college or graduated
  • want to travel
  • be calm and steady
  • be healthy/exercises
  • be respectful of elders/authority
  • have wonderful hands
  • be gentle
  • want to spend time with me, but
  • is not possessive
  • respect me
  • be willing to go to plays and concerts with me
  • have a good sense of humour
  • make me feel comfortable
  • treat me as though I am precious
  • want to live in a city for a couple decades, at least
  • like to read

Today in history class I was sitting next to L, the guy I've sat by for a few weeks now, and I wish so much that we'd started talking to each other at the beginning of the semester instead of the last couple of weeks. It seems this is always the way it is with me -- I wait until I feel comfortable around people before I start really talking to them, and by then, it's almost too late. L seems like such a neat guy, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't step outside my bubble before, and start talking to him months ago.

But right now, I need to sleep.

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