Friday, May 13, 2005

she knows me too well...

Dä: I have a problem. I like L. a little bit.
Kim: You mean, oh! The Guy you sit by in history! Oh my gosh, he is so cute! He seems so smart.
D: I know.
K: How's the boyfriend?
D: You mean, the guy who said two sentences to me the last time I saw him, because he was too busy networking computers to even really say hi or ask me how I'm doing with all the stressors in my life right now? Oh, he's super.
K: That great, huh?
D: Yeah.
K: Well...would you ever ask L out? Would you be so bold?
D: Ummmmm. It would take me quite a while to work up the nerve.
K: Ha! Yeah, and even then, you'd say it all in one breath, like, 'HIhowAREyouareyoudoinganythingtonightwouldyouliketogooutwithme?'

(it's times like this when I kinda wish my sister and brother in law didn't have the address of this blog. ;P heh heh. love you guys!)


Anonymous said...

We love you too! :-D

Jen said...

*squinches up face* What about boyfriend Mike?