Tuesday, March 15, 2005

loud food and news

The other day, Tony from my small group in communications mentioned how he hates it when people munch on chips in the computer lab -- "Don't eat LOUD FOOD there!" and mentioned how foods such as marshmallows and jello...something like that...were much more suitable for computer labs.

I'm eating baby carrots. The loud kind. And I'm not feeling as guilty about the crunchings and munchings as I normally would, because I'm too tired and disgusted.

Good news: it turns out that my roommate did loan my guitar to our next-door neighbour. So I know where it is; I just still don't have it back.

Bad news: I'm relapsing. Or something. My tonsils got huge when I got mono, and they still haven't reduced in size, but for the past four days, my throat has been really sore and icky the way it was when I was getting mono. I told mom today (while I was eating breakfast) that I have to swallow down the middle of my throat, so nothing touches the sides. I've been drinking a ton of orange juice and eating really healthily (healthfully? healthy?). I usually get 6.5-8 hours of sleep a night...but lately, it's been hard to stay up late, and I've fallen asleep at 8:30 and slept 11 hours. I've noticed that my balance is off-kilter again, and I can't smell things very well. I couldn't do the whole aerobics lesson last time; I was fine with the toning and stuff, but we got to the cardio -- I usually love it -- and I had to sit out for the rest of the class, because I was dizzy and my side hurt so bad.

I thought this part was over. I've felt fine for the past month. I've been exercising religiously and eating health[suffix] for the past month and a half.

I'm going to bed.


Sarah said...

Poor babe! I'm so sorry you're not feeling good. You've got to give yourself time though, 'Nika. Mono is so hard to get over! One of my friends got it in college too, and she was pretty miserable off and on for a year. I remember her coming up to her room and just falling on the bed in the middle of the day. That's not the case for everyone, I know, but just be easy on yourself! Wish I could come take care of you... Your mom is eating her heart out, I'm sure, wanting to be there for you too.

I'm so glad your guitar isn't gone for good! :-)

I'm praying for you right now! *sending a billion hugs*

Anonymous said...

How do you loan someone something that isn't even yours?