Monday, March 28, 2005

Gimme a b! u! d!

I just went to the fridge to fish a pickle out of the pickle jar, and noticed the twelve pack of Bud Light that's hogging all the space on the bottom shelf. If I actually liked beer, or if they were strawberry daquiris instead of this junk, I might take one. But, nah. It's funny seeing them there, though -- and even more funny knowing that in UNDER SIX MONTHS NOW (as of yesterday) I can buy my own. And then if I want some wussy drink, I can GET SOME.

Today was promising. Is promising. Not as promising as Spring Break was, but promising nonetheless. I woke up early, putzed around online for awhile, then filled out an e-mail thing for my communications class, and forwarded it to a few people...then realized that it was 8:44, I had a 9 o'clock class, and I was still in my pajamas. Way to go! I still haven't showered, but I'm heading out the door in a few minutes to go downtown with a friend, so I HAVE NO TIME.

Spring Break was amazing. It was my third Spring Break ever, and by far the best. I slept in almost every morning, did a lot of baking and cooking, and spent the afternoons/evenings/early morning "I can't believe you were out that late!" with my friends. My parents were in Arkansas from that Tuesday through Saturday, and my brothers are old enough to take care of themselves now, so I didn't have to be there all the time. It was so relaxing, and I really didn't want to come back up here, to face the brutal reality of strangers, colder windier weather (with the exception of today, which was a whopping 45 degrees!!! t-shirt weather!), and three tests and a presentation this week.

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