Friday, March 04, 2005

and to think I laughed at him.

One of my professors in college was forgetful -- oh, so very forgetful. One time, he lost his laser pointer after a presentation, and we spent a good five minutes searching the classroom top to bottom. I spotted it first -- it was clipped to the v-neck of his sweater. heh. Another time, he forgot to bring something to class, and quipped, "Yeah, I forget anything unless I tie it to my body before I walk out the door." And I laughed.

I'm not laughing anymore -- at him, that is. Right now, I have a cellphone and fingernail clippers stuffed down my shirt (hey, I've gotta use that space for something), because I don't have any pockets, and if I don't keep these appliances on my body, they'll get left down here in the dark, damp computer lab, just like my coat and shoes (separate times), and the alarm on my cellphone won't wake me up in five hours and I'll sleep late and miss my speech.

On second thought, maybe I should leave the phone down here.

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