Wednesday, October 20, 2004

ethical dilemmi

I posed an ethical question to one of my fellow SGA members today: Is it wrong to refer to a professor as "a fine specimen of manhood" and/or "eyecandy"?

Apparently not. Yay.


Guys who smell good should expect to have women sniffing their necks at frequent intervals during the day, and not shoo them away.


Jen said...

*ahem* And just whose neck are you sniffing? Not this "eyecandy" "fine specimen of manhood" professor, I hope!
Must you really give me such cause to worry about you, darling?

djm said...

lol, no, not the eyecandy/fine specimen of manhood professor. my friend Cory (I'd posted about him before) is the one, the one I was talking about. ;)

Anonymous said...

do any of these women wear black clothing and have sharp and pointy front teeth? Since I have a problem with these women sniffing my neck... or even looking at it for that matter.


djm said...

mmm fresh blood