Tuesday, October 19, 2004

what was I thinking?!

Yesterday morning I went to the lib on campus to get Ovid's "Metamorphose" [for a wee bit of light reading]. I found it in the computer catalogue, and went to find it on the shelf, but the numbering system here is so screwed up. It doesn't make any sense. At all. So, where Ovid was supposed to be, there was a book creatively titled, "The Boston Strangler."

I checked it out.

Seriously. Me. The freakiest, most paranoid person on the planet, checked out a book on the Boston Strangler! As if I were not already looking over my shoulder enough. I read twenty pages in cafeteria, and got so freezing cold from shaken nerves that I had to put on my jacket and buy food just to warm up.

I left "Amélie" playing in my dvd player all night, so there would be light and sound in the room, and I wouldn't think that a strangler was skulking in the shadows (or at least it would cover up the sound of his footsteps, heh).

But last night, I didn't dream about being strangled. I dreamed about the Russian Revolution, when Nicholas II was ousted and he and his family were murdered; in a woods in Russia, while searching for their remains, workers found a human finger. A finger. Ew. And that is true. Anyway, this finger had centre stage in my dream -- the guy who found it found another one, too, and was going to take them home and paint the fingernails and then put one on display in his house or something [sicko]. And just then when he was holding the fingers and cackling, and a cold chill went down my spine, I woke up, clutching my pillow to myself and seriously freaking out.


kate said...

I would not do well with that kind of freakyness. You're freaky, girl. ;-)

Cassie said...

heh. never heard of the boston strangler before? that's like, major true-urban-legend stuff around here. it's one of those unsolved mysteries. always made me want to go into forensics...

djm said...

Merde! I haven't gotten to the end; I didn't know that it's STILL UNSOLVED. Creep me out!!

Anonymous said...




djm said...

har har har, courtney. :P

btw, Cass, I thought they nabbed someone, oh, darn, what's his name? Albert DeSalvo or something. I looked him up online and he was stabbed in his jail cell; do they now think that he didn't do the strangulations?

Anonymous said...

ahh! i forgot! It should be:



djm said...

i am so not talking to you anymore, courtney. :P